Social Media Takes the Cake

Can Social Media take the cupcake to another level? Cupcakes have been a food trend ever since the Magnolia Bakery in New York was featured on Sex and the City and this hilarious SNL video. Since then cupcake specific bakeries have been popping up all over the world. Some have disappeared and others have managed to outlast the fad. I have tried to sample as many as the cupcake offerings in British Columbia as possible, it’s only fair to the cupcakes. While all were very attractive, there is only one bakery that has cupcakes so good that I think about them daily and will pay a bridge toll just to taste them again: Frostings Cupcakery in Langley. Part of the reasonI think about them every day, besides their sumptuous cupcakes, is their presence on social media.

I shared the photo below on Twitter and Facebook through Instagram last week and it was retweeted by @frostingcupcake with the comment “Hey, we recognize those :-)”. While I did pay for the regular size ones, the little mini red velvet cupcake at the bottom was a freebie I earned by checking in at their store using FourSquare. They have three specials set up through FourSquare, including 10% off for the mayor (it pays to be important). On Frostings’ Facebook Page they share their daily line up of flavours, so because I’ve “liked” their page, it pops up in my home feed tempting me every day.

Using Social Media to engage, reward and remind their customers, Frostings has created a loyal following. Let’s compare the stats for Frostings to another more established cupcake bakery in Vancouver: Original Cupcakes on Denman.

Frostings Cupcakery Vs. Original Cupcakes

2009 – year established – 2002

1449 – Facebook Page Likes – 527

98 – people talking about them on Facebook – 21

2736 – number of Tweets – 602

1355 – Twitter Followers – 3702

618 – Following on Twitter – 46

233 – FourSquare Checkins – 338

40 – Klout Score – 37

Though Original Cupcakes has been around seven years longer and has more than double the amount of Twitter followers than Frostings Cupcakery, Frostings’ followers and fans are much more engaged with their more active and interactive Social Media presence. If you think that’s impressive, wait until you taste their cupcakes!

Update: June 13, 2012

When I tweeted this post I included Frostings’ Twitter handle @frostingcupake and got the nicest reply:


Feel the Klout

Have you ever wondered about your Klout? If you want to quantify your influence on Twitter and/or Facebook then head over to their website. They will give you a score from zero to one hundred on the ability you have to impact and drive your followers to action. It then gets further broken down into True Reach, Amplification Network.

I checked out the results for my very new Twitter account @juliaaustine and expected to get a zero. But, a new feature of is that you can link your Facebook as well. So, with my three year old Facebook account added in, I got bumped up to a whopping 5!  My other Twitter account, for my food blog, also and rated a 5, but that must be more heavily dependant on my Twitter activity, as I only use that Facebook account to interact with Twitter. So, I’m a solid 5. What does that mean? Well, I’m in the 10th percentile, so it means I’m just starting out. I already knew that, but it’s nice to know that I have a solid base to start from and that I can only go up from here.

If I want to increase my score I need to start by tweeting new and engaging content, reacting and interacting with my fellow Twits and gain followers who will be interested in my viewpoint and what I have to share with them.

I also checked in on @SweetTartelette, the Twitter handle of Helene Dujardin of the blog Tartelette, to see how she fared with her Twitter following of over seven thousand. She scored an impressive 47, which puts her in the 80th percentile (which means she has more Klout than 80% of the accounts on Twitter). Helene has been blogging since 2007 and generates gorgeously mouth-watering content of her culinary creations that she styles and photographs herself. She has over twelve THOUSAND tweets, compared to my ten, and is at the top of her game.

I am definitely influenced by her recipes, her styling and her photography. My food blog is not in the same style as hers, but I hope that one day she might click a link to my blog and be intrigued by what she sees or reads, and maybe, just maybe, she might tweet about me.

October 18, 2010 Update: My Klout has increased to 12, I moved up to the 20th percentile. I am on my way up the Social Media ladder!

November 14, 2010 Update: I’ve climbed one more rung, so I’m now up to a 13 on Klout. Look out world.

February 17, 2012 Update: It took a while, but I’ve soared up to 40 on the Klout scale. Look out universe!

April 3, 2012 Update: I must be doing something right (according to Klout anyway), I’m up to 47.