Julia Corporate

Julia has been working with top leaders in direct sales to grow their teams and business by creating systems and automating processes since 2014. With her prior career of over 15 years in the financial industry, building dynamic service and sales teams, Julia consistently delivers incredible value with her range of experience and intuitive problem solving.

Working with her clients individual unique styles, Julia creates and refines sales and service materials to fabricate a comfortable structure designed to manage and grow independent businesses. Her passion for leveraging online tools and social media to connect authentically with a large audience takes customer service and team support to the next level and shifts it into a smooth set-up that practically runs itself.

Empowering women to grow a rewarding professional life that complements and supports personal goals, is what drives Julia to share her skill and knowledge with entrepreneurs. Julia’s love of photography and improvisational theatre round out her creative character. Working a flexible schedule ensures that she has plentiful time and energy for her culinarily gifted teenage son and their Catahoula Leopard dog Hazel.

Hazel the Catahoula

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