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An unofficial part of my position as Event Coordinator for Fat Dragon Bar-B-Q, Campagnolo and Campagnolo ROMA is being an on call photographer. Truly, there is little I like more than packing up my gear and heading off to snap images, especially if the subject is delicious food that will probably need to be eaten afterward! With nine new lunch specials being debuted at Fat Dragon it was the perfect opportunity to snap some images of the dishes and maybe pull together a video to show off some of the options.

With Youtube becoming the 2nd largest search engine on the web, if you want to be found you need to be in motion pictures. Now, you don’t need wind machines, sound stages or a Steadi-Cam to get the job done. You don’t even need to shoot video! That’s right, you can create a share a slide show of your still photos to give them the reach and dynamism of video.

While I was snapping away with my digital SLR, I supplemented the high quality images with short HD video clips shot with my iPad. This video was made on my iPad with iMovie using still images as well as the video.While it’s not going to be showing up on the silver screen anytime soon, it’s a great engaging way to share what’s going on at Fat Dragon Bar-B-Q in the lunch department!

Do you prefer watching quick videos to clicking through image after image?

Leave Dad Alone Day?

campagnolo-roma-20120520-DSCF4130.jpg (Photo credit: roland)
Apparently, what Dad’s want for Fathers’ Day can cause controversy beyond neck tie vs. fishing rod. The Social Media Release below suggest leaving Pops the heck alone for the day. Is it just dad’s who work in restaurants that feel that way?

Sunday, June 17 is Father’s Day and the CampagnoloCampagnolo ROMA and Fat Dragon Bar-B-Q family of restaurants encourage guests to give dad a break – leave him at home and dine without him. All three restaurants will give 50% off take-out orders to families who dine-in without dad and take something to-go for him following their meal. When posed with the question, “what do you want for Father’s Day?”, the answer was unanimous (amongst dad’s who work at these restaurants) – “a day off with no obligations and no responsibility.”

For dads who would prefer the company of their family, some special dishes and deals are available for dine-in at each restaurant.

Father’s Day Dine-In Dishes & Deals:  Date: Sunday June 17, 2012

Fat Dragon Bar-B-Q (566 Powell St.)
– Crispy Dry Beef Ribs and a R&B Draught beer for $19
soy-brown sugar glaze, fried garlic & scallions

Campagnolo Restaurant (1020 Main St.)
– 12oz Rib-eye Steak with choice of contorni $38
– Roast Porchetta Dinner $25
potato terrine & market fresh vegetables

Campagnolo ROMA (2297 Hastings St.)
– Porchetta and a R&B Draught Beer for $28
with garlic rapini, soft semolina & salsa verde

: Fat Dragon Bar-B-Q, Campagnolo and Campagnolo ROMA are walk-in only restaurants. Advance booking is available only for parties of 8 or more.
Please visit individual restaurant websites for hours of operation.

Father’s Day Take-Out Details:
Families are encouraged to dine-in without dad at Campagnolo, Campagnolo ROMA and Fat Dragon Bar-B-Q. Following their eat-in lunch, brunch or dinner, families can order something to-go just for dad. All three restaurants will give a 50% discount on his take-out order.


  • Celebrated in North America on the third Sunday in June
  • First celebrated in 1910 in Spokane, Washington
  • Made a US Holiday in 1972 by President Richard Nixon

About Campagnolo Restaurant:  Campagnolo offers affordable, casual Italian dining in a warm and welcoming space. Campagnolo is located at 1020 Main St. and is open seven days a week serving lunch from 11:30am – 2:30pm, and dinner nightly from 5pm. For more information please call 604 484 6018, email and visit

About Campagnolo ROMA: Campagnolo Roma serves dishes inspired by Roman cuisine in the heart of the old Italian district of the East Village. Located at 2297 East Hastings St., Vancouver B.C., Roma serves dinner seven days a week from 5pm – 10pm and lunch Wednesday to Sunday from 11:30am – 2:30pm with brunch served on the weekend. For complete menus and more information call 604 569 0456, email or visit

About Fat Dragon Bar-B-Q: Where East Meets South! Fat Dragon cooks up bold American southern barbeque complemented by delicate Asian flavours. Dine-in or take-out. Located at 566 Powell Street, Fat Dragon Bar-B-Q is open from 11:00 am — late, seven days a week. For more information email, and call 604 558 0880.

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Mama Meter

Social Media can seem like a limitless void that we toss useful information into and apparently get very little back. That is why it is so important to set goals for each media campaign and measure the results. Also, with the ever quickening pace at which new social networks are appearing great care must be taken when selecting the best channels to use when sharing the chosen message.

In honour of Mothers’ Day’s fast approach Meat of the Message will conduct a test of Facebook compared to Twitter at spreading the word about Campagnolo Restaurant’s brunch, Mothers’ Day being the biggest brunching day of the year. Campagnolo’s Facebook Page has 600 fans and the Twitter account has 2013 followers. I’ll be comparing Facebook “likes” vs. Twitter retweets (1 point each) and Facebook “shares” & comments vs. Twitter tweets and mentions (2 points each as these show greater engagement). I’ll update this post on Monday with the results.

Let the games begin and don’t forget to do something thoughtful for the Mothers in your life!

Update: Monday, May 14 2012

Well, we have a clear winner. Using Tweet Reach to assess the audience that received the tweet sent by @campagnolomain at 4:50 pm on May 10th : “Show your mama a little Itailan love for brunch, Sunday May 13, 11:30am – 2:30pm. Single stem flowers & Bar…” it showed that there were no retweets, so the reach was 2017 accounts, which is the number of followers of Campagnolo’s Twitter handle. I also searched “@Campagnolomain”, “Campagnolo brunch” and “Campagnolo” on Twitter and couldn’t find any mentions.

Facebook Insights provided a few options to measure the interaction with the status update posted on Campagnolo’s Facebook Page May 10, 2012: “Show your mama a little Itailan love for brunch, Sunday May 13, 11:30am – 2:30pm. Single stem flowers & Bar Director Giovanni’s cocktails go a long way.” Right underneath the update, it’s clear that 6 people “liked” the update and one person shared it. Insights calculates that the reach as 208 unique people who have seen the update, the number of engaged users as 12 (number of unique people who have clicked on the post, so 6 who clicked “like” and 6 who clicked elsewhere), and the virality (percentage of people who created a story from the post) at 2.88%.

To calculate points for interactions: Twitter scored a big fat zero and Facebook scored 8 points. The conclusion I would make is that bigger is not always better, with more than three times the number of followers to fans, the Facebook post garnered much more attention and interaction. Also, Facebook posts have a longer shelf life of 22-24 hours, while tweets go stale after 1 hour! So, tweet, tweet again.

Interestingly, I found out that Campagnolo’s Mothers’ Day Brunch was not nearly as successful as last years. Though looking back, a very similar Facebook update (no likes or shares) and tweet (no retweets) were sent out. There are obviously other factors affecting the popularity of Mama’s brunching at Campagnolo than social media coverage. I definitely believe that by using social media channels more effectively that the brunch could have been more successful. It’s encouraging that the Facebook fans are becoming more engaged and if only a bit more effort is spent on social media it seems that Facebook would be the place to start as Twitter needs to hear things over and over. Most Mamas can relate to that!