Meet Julia

Watch the video below to hear about Fuel Becomes You and the woman behind the blog:

Fuel Becomes You is about creating a life that involves making space for the things that give life meaning. We’ve all heard the phrase, “You are what you eat”, which is true, but the concept goes further than simply what we put in our mouths.

All the people, environments, images, thoughts and words that we surround ourselves with seep into our beings. It’s important to curate the thought patterns and habits that evolve and check that they are supporting our goals and taking us where we want to go.

Buttercup Fields Forever

There are activities and interests that revitalize our spirits and they need to be prioritized and woven into our daily tasks to keep us invigorated and resilient.

When do you feel joyful and in the flow or the zone, where time just flies by and you feel so accomplished afterward? It can be arts and crafts, or time in nature, helping out in your community, getting exercise or a change of scenery. For me, photography and motorcycle riding are activities that centre me and tell me who I am.

IMG_6216 6

The things we love sometimes have to take a backseat to the what we need to do, but don’t let them go if they bring good into your life and light you up. Keep them in the car and pull them up to the front seat when it’s safe.

Be positively selfish by putting the work and effort into yourself so that you can then help others. Be an example for those who may follow and maybe make a clearer path.

Blackberry Bramble

Fill your tank each and every day with the fuel that gives you the energy to go onward and upward. Give gratitude for what you have and ask for what you want. No one else can do this for you, but everyone that cares about you will appreciate the gratitude and help you when they can. It is so much easier to help others when we know how to help ourselves first.

What are the passions that give more back to you every time you invest in them?



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